Anti Spy (SpyWare Removal)

In this digital age spying through smart services are quite natural. Are you ever been in threat of spying or feared of spywares? We often downloads many useful applications from third party softwares, which may include hidden spyware in action or just collect our personal datas, location, location history etc. They may include permission to access all this unwanted details for the working. Naturally applications spy on us in two ways, by seeking permission directly or after acquired hidden permission.

If we check permission access of an application before downloading, we can see many access which doesn’t required for the running of the application. But many apps just hide that info too. We can’t detect them neither our device software  but ‘Anti Spy’ can! Yes! Try Anti Spy SpyWare Remover from Skibapps, which have high potential to detect and remove the apps which can spy on you. Anti Spy can trace the activity log of all apps, so can detect the informations collected by this apps. Through the same functions we can spy on others by this app, may be your partner, friend, family, colleague, boss or any other.

If you are working in marketing, IT or any other dedicated field that may have crucial confidential informations, you should have Anti Spy. Your informations are important so your device should be out of threat from spywares. Apart from this there are apps with primary intension to collect personal data secretly and sold them for money or any other benefits. International digital and IT market have a good value for personal details. Other countries collect this datas and may use against our country, to supress the progress or for any higher destructions. So as a person and as a people of our country, we should protect our personal data from this spywares. Anti Spy can help you in this regards.

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Able to find all spywares including hidden ones

Extremely fast search and action

Light weight application with only about 3MB in size

Can used for A to Z situations, to spy your partner or for official purposes to track your competitor

Strong Spyware detection function which find all potential apps which may spy on you and instantly make them stop /uninstall

Offer security from malwares also

Requires android 4.0 and up

Easy to use, just install application and click ‘Scan Now’ to detect all apps that have/had been spying on you

Also try ‘Relaxed scan criteria’ to identify other apps which have the potential to spy on you but they don’t actively now. So you can have choice to avoid it or not

Spyware companies  often claim their software as ‘undetectable’, but it is not truly undetectable when using Anti Spy.

Identify potential apps which may spy on you from the directory; Some Anti Theft Apps, Security & Anti Virus Apps (with Anti Theft feature), SMS Backup Apps, Some Camera and/or Mic Recording Apps, Call Recording Apps, Parental Control Apps, Baby Monitoring Apps, Gps Trackers and Fleet Management Apps

Find suspicious apps from unknown sources or third parties

White listing for trusted apps

System apps can be checked or not, it can be set optional

In the disclaimer, they point out that they suggest apps which may can act as a potential threat to our privacy but not confirming. This is according to the permission app seek but may be they won’t collect personal datas.

Anti Spy is available in Play store from 12 November 2014 and got 500K plus downloads and 4.0 star rating with 1K plus reviews. App got updated recently on 16 May 2020 with 3.4.3 version that offers Updated SpyWare Characteristics and Algorithms and suggest that, this app will not only detect all/any Apps that ARE Spying on you, but also those that CAN be used to Spy on you.

This app has access to view network connections, full network access, prevent device from sleeping.

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