Are you concerned about your privacy too much? !. Or just want to keep your properties away from others. Its completely normal to have such characters as everybody have their own way of living. But people are not aware about that much, some even didn’t know about personal space! Some will peep and look, they are curious about other’s personal life. To keep them away you can make barriers across your phone, tablet etc. By using Don’t Touch My Phone Application.

This application works by detecting unusual motions with your phone. Also an antitheft mobile application. It can detect unusal motions when someone touching your phone without your permission or while trying to disconnect charger from your phone. This is the best reliable mobile tracker protected with password and work great with imei device tracker. You can prevent unauthorized access easy and effectively.

Don’t Touch My Phone application was offered by Tappaz developers. There are number of security features in the application. You can set pin code for extra protection, Alarm can be switched off only by fingerprint sensing, alarm activates if charger disconnected in unauthorized manner, flashlight automatically became on when alarm was triggered, add delay service for alarm sound, record and set up personalised alarm sounds, anti theft alarm option.

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If there is a violation for safety alarm, things will uncontrollable to the intruder. When alarm is activated, the sudden heavy alarm sound will be played even if your phone was in silent mode and couldn’t able to down the volume by them. Application run in background even if the phone is switched off. Application follows simple and easy method but powerful too. Option to hide pictures and videos. Protect by hiding chats with anti chat option. Application automatically take intruders picture and can locate them easily. You can simply activates the anti theft alarm by pressing START button in the application.

Don’t Touch My Phone application released on 9 February 2015. It has 160K reviews in the playstore and rated for 4.4 stars. Ten millions of people downloaded the application till now. Application is only 12 MB in size. Latest update was on 2 June 2020 with 1.4.24 version. Application request permission for storage, run in foreground, control vibration, run at start up, google pay billing service, full network access, view network connections, prevent ph from sleeping, play install referrer API, view Wi-Fi connections, use fingerprint hardware, change audio settings, set wall paper, connect to internet services. Users can deny the options from settings.

Developers offer additional features with payment. In the new updation some improvements added with bug fix, custom alarm sounds, less ads, reduced file size, hear alarm even if with headphones, only one permission required. This is a fantastic security application can be used for thieves, noisy people, kids. Just download and stay carefree at private as well as Job places, malls, airports etc..

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