Mirror Camera App- Best Selfie and Mirror App

Mirror Camera App is a mirror and selfie app which can be used as a mirror and a selfie camera.

Mirror camera app comes under the category of beauty in Google play store. It is developed by J.K. Fantasy and it requires an android device. This app is released on 7th December 2014 last updated on 22nd October 2019. The current version of the app is 1.5.6 and it has already got 1,000,000+ installs. The download size of the app is 2.3MB. The app can be used by individuals aged 3 and above. This application permits in-app purchases and the rate of the product is 116.74 rupees per item. The app has been reviewed by 12,975 users and has got 4.3 rating in Google play store.

The app converts the phone into the best mirror. It is one of the best mirrors which is freely available in the Google play store. The phone becomes a perfect smart mirror and a camera. The application is easy and quite handy to use. Press the mirror region to show or hide the menu.

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Main features

Press the mirror region to show/hide menu.
Drag the red seek bar to change screen brightness
The pink seek bar 1 has to be dragged to change the camera exposure and the pink seek bar 2 has to be dragged to let mirror zoom in or out.
The bulb button helps to enable or disable night mode.
Press mirror button to change capture mode. Image can be captured as image on mirror or the real image.
Press the pause/resume button to pause or resume preview. Double click the freeze image to let mirror zoom in or out. Zoom in and out can also be done using two fingers.
Volume key can also be used to pause or resume preview. Use volume-up key to do camera capture.

Other options can be changed in the camera settings page.

Other features

This app can be used to take a picture or edit mirror photo image as per the wish of the user.
For enabling the night mode option press the bulb button and use the panel light at the edge of panel.
This application will not turn off screen when the camera is being used.
The application will auto exit if the user does not touch the screen for 10 minutes and thus prevent power loss.
This app is now tested and found more compatible as it can support external photo edit and it is very much user friendly.

System photo edit option also works well with this app and it is being tested on Samsung phones.
Error was reported while running on Android 10.0 devices but it has been fixed successfully.

The app is a mirror replacement and a best option to take beautiful selfies. The apps camera can capture realistic, clear and smart images. The issue of not finding a mirror when people are away from home can be easily and smartly solved by using this app. The app gives a different photographic experience.