Record Video With Screen Off – Background Video Recorder

Recording videos with the screen off on an Android device can be quite useful in various situations. Whether you want to capture gameplay footage, record a tutorial, or simply save a video for later viewing, having the ability to record with the screen off provides convenience and flexibility. While Android does not natively offer this feature, there are third-party apps available that can help you achieve this functionality.

One popular app for recording video with the screen off on Android is called “Screen Recorder.” This app allows you to capture videos without the need for your screen to be on, offering a discreet and seamless recording experience. The following is an overview of how the app works and its key features.

Upon installing the Screen Recorder app, you can access its settings to customize various recording options. You can choose the video resolution, frame rate, and bit rate according to your preferences and device capabilities. Additionally, the app provides options for recording audio from the device’s microphone or capturing system audio, which is particularly useful for recording gaming sessions.

To start recording with the screen off, you simply need to activate the app and press the record button. Once the recording begins, you can safely turn off your screen, and the app will continue capturing the video in the background. This allows you to save battery life and perform other tasks on your device while the recording is in progress.


Another noteworthy feature of Screen Recorder is its ability to schedule recordings. You can set specific start and stop times for the recording, ensuring that you capture exactly what you need without any manual intervention. This is especially handy when you want to record a live stream or an event that occurs at a specific time.

Furthermore, the app offers a floating control panel that allows you to pause, resume, or stop the recording at any time. This control panel can be easily accessed from any screen, making it convenient to manage your recordings while multitasking.

Once your recording is complete, Screen Recorder provides you with options to trim the video, add a watermark, or include a timestamp. These editing features enable you to customize your videos before saving or sharing them with others.

It’s worth noting that while Screen Recorder and similar apps provide the ability to record videos with the screen off, they may require certain permissions to function correctly. These permissions usually include access to media files, screen capture, and microphone access. It’s important to review and understand the permissions requested by the app before granting them.

In conclusion, recording videos with the screen off on an Android device is made possible by using third-party apps like Screen Recorder. These apps offer a range of features, including customizable recording settings, scheduling options, and convenient control panels. By using these apps, you can discreetly record videos while conserving battery life and multitasking on your device. Whether you’re a gamer, content creator, or simply want to capture moments without the screen being on, these apps provide a valuable solution for recording video with the screen off on Android.