SMART VOICE RECORDER-is an awesome sound recorder

       Are you tired of your partner’s snoring and got even frustrated when they didn’t accepted the fact and keep defending? ! You are lacking sleep and the thereafter comment section make your day in even worse condition. There is one option for you. Make them caught red handed, yes! Took him with evidence.

Smart Voice Recorder application can help you by catching their snoring from the very first starting itself and to the end. Feeling relaxed ! Go and download the application from the playstore. Smart voice recorder is an awesome sound recorder from Smartmob developers which helps in long time sound recording without compromising quality.

    Smart Voice Recorder can use in every situations as it works in relatively silent mode. So can used in business meetings, regular day of your babysitter, on stage music programmes or rehearsals, instead of taking lecture notes, your infants first voices etc..

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   Smart Voice Recorder possess simple user interface with high fidelity technology, which let user to take action fast and simple. This let you to record sounds very easily and saved automatically in wav or pcm format in the device memory. This application also has live spectrum analyser in the display, which is very stylish. Also have mic gain calibration tool, manual sensitivity control, wave encoding,  the option to calibrate gain levels of the microphone,  and option for making the recorded sound as ringtone or text alert. This has an intuitive and intelligent technology known as ‘Silent Skipper’-which only activates when a sound detected, so can save data with unintentionally created files.  And powerful to record conversations as well very ambient sounds like baby sleep. Application has very efficient ‘on the fly recording’ Which enable to record voices by skipping silence that is upto two gigabytes. And can choose measure samples ranges from 8 to 444 KHZ. All records can be viewed in listed format. Later can share via emails and social media platforms.

   Application is launched on 19 may 2012 and updated latest version 1.10.2 on 27 April 2020. In playstore application got 4.6 rating with 461 K reviews and 10 million plus downloads. Also rated 3+ in age based rating. This application is first named as smart voice recorder and rebranded to a specific name as it got fantastic appreciation for the quality as you know, this is not just a voice recorder, can rely over to record even music notes too. Application access permissions to microphone, storage, run in background services, google pay billing services, prevent phone from sleeping, access do not disturb, full network services. Customers can customize and deny permissions according to the will

   As a disclaimer, developer suggests this application as only a sound recorder not to record phone calls due to privacy concerns.