Snapchat- Best App To Connect With Friends

Snapchat is an app to share the fun moments of life with friends. Snapchat is an instant way of communicating with family and friends by using photos and videos. The art of photography and the technology of camera are being blended beautifully to generate lively moments of happiness and fun sharing. Through this app a photo or video can be taken and shared in seconds. Moments can be further expressed by applying filters, lenses, bitomjis and various other fun effects.

This application is categorized under social in Google play store. This app is developed by Snap Inc and its contents are applicable for individual aged 12 and above. Snapchat is compatible with smartphones with Android version 4.4 and up. The app is last updated on 12th November 2019. The current version of the app is and it has already got 1,000,000,000+ installs. The size of the app is 56M and it has been reviewed by 20,632,416 users and has got a 4.3 rating in the Google play store.

The app opens straight to camera and the snap can be sent in seconds. Tap on the screen to take a photo or press and hold for video. The moment is ready to be shared. The effect of the photo can be further enhanced using filters or lenses. New features are being added on a daily basis. The photographic effects and filters incorporated in the app modify the way one looks and can create beautiful and funny looks. The app is a fun way of sharing moments. The user can also use his creativity and make his own filters.

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Snapchat app contains chat option. So along with sharing photos and videos users can involve in live chats. Group stories option is used to share the day. Through video chat option of this app 16 people can chat at a time. The app contains an exclusive feature called ‘friendmojis’ to enhance the moments of friendship. The app helps to stay in touch with friends by following their stories and beautiful moments. Friends can share their location with each other. By using this app one can follow the happenings in the nearby community or events across the globe. If the user wants to take a break and go off the grid he can chose the ghost mode.

Cloud storage option is available to save the photos and videos once taken and the user can always go back and view them. Old photos can be edited and resent or saved into the camera roll. It is not just the live moments even the beautiful memories can be shared with family and friends by creating stories.

Snapchat app has a special feature called friendship profile which permits the friends to view the moments they have shared together. They have a chance to discover the things they have in common including the astrological compatibility and bitmojis fashion sense and much more. Friendship profiles are meant to be especially between friends for connecting with each other to create their friendship special.

Snapchatters can always capture the moments and chats by using screenshots or camera. So the users have to be careful when he snaps.