Status Saver-Downloader for WhatsApp Video- Best App to Download Whatsapp Status

Status Saver – Downloader for Whatsapp is an app categorized under “Productivity” in Google play store. This app is developed by Shree Ganesha Labs and the content is rated as applicable for individuals aged 12+ the app is compatible with smart phones with android version 4.1 and above and was last updated on 31st August 2019. The latest build of the app is 1.48. The app has more than 10,000,000 installs and more than 74,000 reviews. It also has a 4.2 rating in Google play store.

Imagine not having to pester your friends to send you that one good image that that you saw on their Whatsapp, we’ve all been there, experienced the impatience when they take a tad too long to send you that fateful picture. Fear no more! Status Saver is here. As the name suggests this app is a status saver. This is an independent app made by Whatsapp users for Whatsapp users, the app is very transparent and users can discretely save and share Whatsapp status. The app is plagued with the constant adverts but it is easily avoidable by turning off the Wifi or mobile internet when using the app. The relative ease of using this app makes it a must have for all Whatsapp users. There will always come a time when you will regret not having this app. One day you will see the funniest meme or the cutest cat GIF as a Whatsapp status and you watch it slowly fade away into nothingness, yes I too have the same nighmare. So better safe than sorry .

Status Saver – Downloader for Whatsapp is an app that allows you to download images, Videos and GIFS from the status feature on Whatsapp. The user can share these images through Whatsapp to their friends. The apps requires you to view the status in the Whatsapp messenger which in turn saves the content into Status Saver app. This is a great way to capture and great stories and funny GIFS. This app overcomes the status time frame limitation of Whatsapp and allows users to directly save the moments that they cherish. The in-app sharing option gives it a lot of versatility and allows a sort of community to thrive in the app. The app also displays and view top status across the world so you will never be bored as you will be flooded with thousands of entertaining statuses to watch from.

Download App From Here

How to use the app
 Watch the status on Whatsapp messenger
 Open Status Saver app, this will prompt the app to automatically scan the seen status and display it in the app
 You can now save the picture or video to your storage
 You can now send and share the videos with your friends
 Seen status will automatically update in the app
 Direct chat will not be accessed on the app.
The app supports all of the following languages English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, kannada, malayalam, odia.