vFlat Scan – Best App To Scan And Recogonize Text Documents

vFlat Scan is a mobile application that allows users to scan, save, and share their physical documents using their smartphones. The app utilizes the camera on the device to capture images of the document, which are then processed and converted into a PDF or JPG file.

One of the key features of vFlat Scan is its ability to automatically detect and straighten the edges of a document, even if it is not perfectly aligned on the camera. This ensures that the resulting scanned image is clear and easy to read. Additionally, the app includes various tools for adjusting the brightness and contrast of the scanned document, as well as cropping and rotating the image.

Another feature of vFlat Scan is its support for batch scanning, which allows users to quickly scan multiple pages of a document. Once the pages are scanned, the app will automatically arrange them in the correct order and create a single PDF or JPG file. This can be useful for scanning books, magazines, or other multi-page documents.

vFlat Scan also includes a built-in document management system, which allows users to organize their scanned documents into different folders and categories. This makes it easy to find and access specific documents and can help users keep their digital files organized.

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The app also allows users to share their scanned documents via email, social media, or other apps. Users can also export their scanned documents to cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox, which can be convenient for backing up important documents or for sharing them with others.

In summary, vFlat Scan is a mobile app that allows users to easily scan, save, and share physical documents using their smartphones. With its automatic edge detection, batch scanning, document management, and sharing features, vFlat Scan can help users streamline their document scanning process and keep their digital files organized and accessible.