Malayalam Bible App- Best App to Read Bible in Mobile Phones

Malayalam Bible is an app which helps to read Bible in the mobile phone even if the user is offline. It enables verses search and has got Bible in English language as well. It is the official King James Version (KJV) of the Bible which is the Christian Bible for the church of English which is adapted in the app.

Malayalam Bible app comes under the category of books & references in the Google play store. The app is developed by a4akhilsudha InfoTech and it requires an android device with 4.2 and up. The app is last updated on 11th July 2019. The current version of the app is 3.6 and it has got 50,000+ installs in the play store. The size of the app is 13M. The app can be used by individuals aged 3 and above. The app has been reviewed by 271 users and it has got 4.5 rating in Google play store.

Many Bible apps are available in the play store even in Malayalam. But this particular app is a very simple app with easy to use interfaces which makes it a convenient app for even for a layman. Anybody can use it simply by downloading and installing from the play store.

Download The App Here

The app has got direct verse sharing option. This enables users to share any particular verse or the verses which are relevant to any particular situation easily sharable with one’s contacts. Verses can be shared simply by tapping on the selected verse or it can be shared as image.
The app provides daily quotes and daily verses which are a powerful reminders for the people and they keep the users positively aligned throughout the day. Important verses and verses to be remembered can be easily added to a favourite list which can be accessed anytime for reference. Access to the favourite list is possible just by a single click.

Users can easily change themes within the app which gives a pleasant reading experience as the users can select any of their favourite themes and app it in the app. The app has got adjustable font size. The size of the font is very much important especially for a reading app. Fonts in this app can be adjusted (increased or decreased) based on the requirement of the reader which add pleasure to reading. Even the font styles can be changed based on the interests of the users. Various font styles in Malayalam are available in the app and users can choose according to their preference of font style. The app has got an option to report the errors or mistakes users find while reading. The app gives daily notifications and reminders so that the users remember their daily reading of the Holy Book.

Key features of the app

Easy to use interface
Direct verse sharing
Verse sharing with image
Daily verses and daily quotes
Add favourite verses & access them in single click
Change theme
Adjustable font size
Use different Malayalam font styles
Error/suggestions reporting feature
Daily notifications
The app also has got search option in which the user have to type a single word and the whole verse will appear. It is very convenient especially during travels.

Drawbacks of the app

The app has got ad pop ups . No audio bible available offline
But in general the app is a great effort which is appreciated by a lot of readers and users.