Squats Workout App- Best App For Real Time Fitness Training

Squats Workout app is a real time fitness training app. The app has unique design and powerful functions.This application is categorized under health & fitness in Google play store. This app is developed by Simple design Ltd and its contents are applicable for individuals aged 3 and above. It is compatible with smart phones with Android version 4.0.3 and up. The app is last updated on 28th February 2019.

The current version of the app is 2.122.26 and it has already got 1,000,000+ installs. The app size is 7.1 M. It has been reviewed by 70,875 users and has got a brilliant rating of 4.8 in the Google play store. Using Squats Workout app the user can train with his own phone. The app helps in counting the number of squats and to calculate the calories lost during work outs. It customizes the training plan based on daily training and body status.

The app helps to customize the training plan based on age and body build. The whole workout plan is divided into 6 levels and each level contains several groups of squats. The upcoming level will be based on the current training result. Before entering into the next higher level the app will re-evaluate the body status ensuring best results.

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The app has in-built proximity sensor to count the app. It is also possible to enter the counts manually. It has got gravity induced counting feature. Graphs and statistical records are available to keep a track of the results and for easy viewing. Even the training data can be backed up and restored. The user will get notified for the training. Other than training mode freestyle mode is also available.

While using this app, phone has to be held with both the hands above the chest horizontally.

The app will function better when installed to the phone directly instead to installing it to SD card due to android OS limitation. Phone has to be restarted after the installation to get the notifications.